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Complete Home Staging Services

Home staging sets your property over and above other houses that are for sale (i.e. your competition).

It’s important to understand that once your property is listed for sale, it becomes a commodity and therefore needs to be properly marketed. Our services are designed to present your home in a way that will increase a buyers’ interest in viewing your house and allows them to see themselves living there. This increases the likelihood that they will develop an emotional attachment to your property and will want to buy.


Home Staging Consultation

Staging consultations are designed to provide an objective third party opinion on the appearance of your home. Get our expert advice!

We know real estate and can help you invest in the right areas in your home that will get you the best return on your investment. When your home goes up for sale; it should no longer be thought of as your home, but rather a product. As such, we will work with you to ensure that it is properly marketed. During the consultation, we look at the selling features of your home. We are looking at ways to create the best first impressions for buyers….it’s so much more than de-cluttering and adding flowers.


Vacant Home Staging

A vacant home for sale can be Staged using rental furniture and accessories to furnish your entire home, or just to provide "vignettes" inspiring the buyer to imagine how they would enjoy living in the home and using the space.


Other Real Estate Services Offered

Certified Home Staging Services

  • Open House Staging
  • One Day Decorating
  • Luxury Home and Condo Staging
  • Vacant Property Staging
  • Staging for Seniors
  • Large Inventory of Staging accessories and rental furniture
  • Home and Room ReDesign Service
  • New Home Owner move-in decorating
  • Staging for Special Events such as Celebrations, Parties and Weddings
  • Rental of Items - furniture, accessories, and décor for Staging